New knowledge about INDIGO


At the beginning of November we went to Athens to learn more about the amazing plant INDIGO. We took part in a fantastic workshop with the Malian textile designer Aboubakar Fofana. He creates gorgeous indigo textiles - all naturally and sustainably produced. In addition, he is a master dyer with the indigo plant. We acquired lots of interesting inputs about this amazing plant, which can give us the most beautiful blue shade, even though the leaves are green. Aboubakar was raised in Mali in Africa and he has a spiritual approach to indigo. He believes that when people take from nature, you must say thank you – and return it to nature again. Our newest indigo recipe is 100% natural. We can therefore, with pure conscience, use our rinse water to water our garden :-)

We are very excited about the new recipe, we brought to Klitmøller, and we will explore it in the future. The new recipe consists of completely natural products: 

Indigo powder - from the indigo leaves

Fructose - sugar from fruits

Lime - from limestone

These three ingredients can give us all the beautiful blue shades.

The three days of workshop gave us a very complex understanding of how the indigo can be mastered. Since indigo is a vibrant colour that originates from nature, it also needs extra care in the dyeing process. 

...and it is not the easiest recipe to master. However practice makes perfect, and we will do our best to make it work — and will let you know how the process is going.

At the workshop in Athens we met with a small bunch of indigo enthusiasts from around the world. They also brought the natural indigo recipe back home to use and in the future it will be amazing to follow their experiences with magical colours of the indigo.

We will also spread the story of the natural indigo dye at a couple of workshops during the coming year.

….and we did get a few indigo seeds with us home, we will try to grow them in Klitmøller ...


Benthe Boesen