Moon wall hanger – indigo

Moon wall hanger – indigo

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Moon wall hanger hand dyed with natural indigo. We color the wallhangers continuously - contact us for pictures of new works and variations. All of the wall hangers are unique. The top hanger is a brass tube, hung with a leather cord.


  • Large: Brass length: 60 cm. Canvas (Approx.): W: 50 cm x H: 70 cm

  • Small: Brass length: 41 cm. Canvas (Approx.): W: 35 cm x H: 42 cm

Materiales: 100% Cotton twill · Brass · Leather


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Large indigo dyed wallhangers 

Small indigo dyed wallhangers 


As the moon orbits the Earth, its lunar phases change and repeats cyclically.
There are no shortcuts. There is only time.



We hand dye all fabrics in our own backyard using natural color of indigo pigments
The moon will vary from dye to dye with a unique look, color and finish
Our designs are sewn locally, in Klitmøller and made of 100% Cotton twill

Read more about the process here


'We live in a culture of acceleration with a constant race to reach infinite goals.
However, we believe in slowing down and having control of our own time.'
- Slow Works


'We design fewer things that last longer.'
- Slow Works