Sundown jacket — Sashiko — Indigo

Sundown jacket — Sashiko — Indigo


The jacket has a straight casual fit, big front pockets and a mandarine collar with stitched details.

Made to order, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. 

100% Cotton twill · Natural hand dyed with indigo · Hand stitched embroidery

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How we made this


The Earth rotates. The sun rises and the sun sets. With time, this cycle marks the beginning and end of day. 


Hand dyed in our own backyard
Natural color – indigo pigments
Unique look, color and finish
Hand stitched embroidery
Sewn locally, in Klitmøller
100% Cotton twill


We live in a culture of acceleration with a constant race to reach infinite goals on a never ending list of things to do faster. However, we strive to do the opposite as we believe in slowing down to sense and understand our surroundings better.